About the Aviation and Space Psychology Association (ASPA)

Aviation and space psychology is an essential area which has just been developing in Turkey. Despite the fact that aviation requires high technology and automation, its fundemantal elemant is human and its psychology. The main goal of our association is to study the relation between aviation and space technologies and human psychology. Subject to this, the improvement of the human psychology at aviation concept, researching about human factors, aviation and human psychology, mental health, and other human-based problems such as social, educational, legal problems and problems at work are to be investigated.

The Objectives of the Association

  • The main objective of our organization is to study on aviation and space psychology as well as to support such studies.
  • To attend both national or international seminars, trainings, congress and scientific meetings based on aviation and space psychology as well as to invite scientists, psychologists and psyciatrists to such national organizations.
  • To support psychology students with aviation and space psychology workshops, trainings, seminars and such.


  • Curing of Airsickness
  • Curing of Aerophobia
  • Anxiety Management of Pilots and Other Flight Personnel
  • Fight Against Panic Attack, Post-traumatic Stress and Loss of the Will of Flying
  • Fight Against the Stress, Work-problems, Crash/after-crash Stress Problems of Aviation Personnel

The Administration

Our association was founded by psychiatrists, psychologists, training specialists and flight-personnels. Founder/Chairman of the association is psychiatrist Dr. Muzaffer Uyar.


It is not required to be a psychologist, psychiatrist or a flight-personnel to become a member of our association. Everyone who has interest in our association may become a member. Application for membership is approved after the evaluation of the administration comitee. The fee for membership is 50 Turkish Liras per year. To become a member, the applicant must come to our headquarters and apply him/herself directly.

Contact Information

Email: aspa [at] hupder [dot] org

Telephone: +90 212 660 05 68